The Enneagram (pronounced ANY-a-gram) is the study of nine basic types of people. Ennea is Greek for the number nine and gram means a diagram, so Enneagram means “a diagram with nine points” as you can see represented in the diagram.

The Enneagram reveals why we do what we do. It focuses on why we chose to relate to the world in a particular way. It reveals our heart’s intent, what we are seeking and avoiding, in our relationships and in ourselves in very specific ways. The Enneagram is seeking the personal transformation of our heart, not simply our behavior.

I often use the Enneagram personality assessment in therapy.  Feel free to click on this link to better understand the value of this system. 

For a deeper understanding, refer to my Amazon link for Enneagram books.

Please let me know if you are already engaged with the Enneagram and would like to make it a focussed approach during our therapy together.